Appartment for 8 in croatian coast

Apartment, that we named Sailors stories, is offering new dimensions of a vacation. 2 families, more friends, or fully mixed society will enjoy its stay. Rooms with own bathrooms separated (+ wc) and large common dining room with kitchen, and 4 terraces with sea view and sunset. From this 2 large for evening at amusing play or relaxed conversation. All, you wanted and expected from an outgoing leave:

  •  air-conditioned apartment for 8+1 people
  •  2 rooms with TWC and terrace with sea view
  • 1 room with TWC
  • 1 room with WC, divorced bathroom in other place, large terrace with sea view (on top of house)
  •  contemporary kitchen, large porch
  • large daily place with satellite television
  • 1 spatial terrace with sea view
  • dishwasher for less work with dishes

Reservations within main season

Inquiry outside main season

Prices apply to rent of apartment per day. Maximum number of people is 9. Possible are individual agreements for group who rent more apartments and have smaller number of people is outside high season (1.7 to 31.8).

Inquiry and reservations

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