About Sveti Juraj - Jurjevo

Summer vacation, trip, or just a weekend rest, where time stops.

There are moments when time stops. When all personal fortune unites to calm view around unbelievable miracles of nature. We forget all the problems and stress and let the experience guide us.

In Sveti Juraj near Senj in Croatian coast time has stopped. In main season you will see some tourists, even though much less then in big touristic centre. That's why you will relax more, enjoy eternal sunsets, fresh air and especially clear blue water.

Perhaps you will wake up wanting to explore and instead of modern walls you will find amazing historical places around. Old roman road, remains of centuries old battles and typical old boats. The region of Velebit has many interesting places to visit:

  • Castle of Senj, never defeated in history
  • "Bold island", known ex-yugoslavian ex-prison
  • Krasno, natural park and religion centre
  • Lukovo, open-air fishermen museum
Like in Sveti Juraj and in Senj but also in other places in surrounding there are more interesting things to see, mostly nature phenomena, that you will have a pleasure to meet in their authentic form.

Incredible sunsets are going to convince you to enjoy every jump into the sea. Although you are not going to come in the main summer season, your thoughts are going to be free and boundless like never before.

Sea life in this region is extremely wild and interesting. Since there's no large harbor and touristic centre near, nature is very untouched and animals used to people in the sea.

Therefore you can engage into real fishermen experience with local fishermen. You will prepare "palingar" in the early morning, so that you would put it into water during day and after long hours of waiting get back to it and enjoy your catch.

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